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If you are an athlete looking to boost performance, have pain points in your body, or if you are just looking for relaxing massage we are here for you

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We make sure that after our massage therapy session you go out feeling happy, relaxed and healed.

indigo sun massages - classic


Every person in our team is a physical therapy professional. Experience the power of massage in this all-around classic form that will help relieve any pain or tension in your body.

30 min - 50€
60 min - 80€
90 min - 110€


Treat yourself with this highly relaxing and soothing massage that relieves stress and reduces pain. With the use of light and medium pressure from skilled hands of our professionals in combination with essential oils that promote relaxation, you will release the tensions that have accumulated in your body. Falling asleep at the massage table is not only permitted but encouraged.

30 min - 60€
60 min - 90€
90 min - 120€
indigo sun massages - relax
indigo sun massages - sport


If you are more of an active person and want to be your optimum self, then this massage is tailored for you. With the combination of alternating slow and fast strokes, compression, friction and vibration, elevate your physical readiness for the tasks that are ahead of you.

30 min - 60€
60 min - 90€

Deep tissue

The point of this massage is focusing more on the specific injury and applying high pressure to the areas that are highly affected with pain to relieve it rather than to relax the body and mind.

30 min - 70€
60 min - 100€
indigo sun massages - deep tissue
indigo sun massages - reflexology


Applying pressure to the points of the foot that are in correspondence with organs in your body will help them heal and perform better while also reducing your stress and fatigue.

30 min - 50€


Using a wide variety of essential oils to choose from, this massage will help you relax the body with the beneficial properties of oils for the skin and also calming the mind through their nice scent. This is the ultimate form of an all-around massage.

30 min - 65€
60 min - 95€
90 min - 125€
indigo sun massages - aromatherapy
indigo sun massages - couples


If you want to share your experience of a nice massage with someone and don’t like to wait for your turn, our therapists will make sure you both can be in the same state of peace and relaxation at the same time during a massage.

30 min - 100€
60 min - 160€
90 min - 220€

4 Hands

If your motto is „The more the merrier “, this is massage for you. In this unique type of massage two of our therapists will combine their skills for the complete and deeper state of relaxation. Double the hands, double the relaxation.

60 min - 165€
indigo sun massages - 4 hand

We have something special for you

We have prepared special offer for you. With our massages you can order additional special technique massages for optimal experience.

indigo sun massages - cupping


Ancient method of creating suction on the affected area to increase blood flow and reduce inflammation. The cups are made of silicon to avoid any burns on the skin. (Traditional method is done by using glass cups and fire to create vacuum).

20 min - 30€


T.E.C.A.R. is an innovation in the field of physical therapy. Using thermotherapy and radiofrequencies this therapy method is stimulating the body’s own physiological repair processes. The scientific production about the cellular mechanisms is based in the specific frequency at 448Khz from which several doctoral thesis and thesis were defended.

30 min - 30€
indigo sun massages - body scrub

Body scrub

Use of exfoliants to remove dead cells and clogged pores on the skin. This is a great thing to do before a massage because the oils will soak into the skin more thoroughly leaving you with a nicer and softer skin.

30 min - 50€
60 min - 80€

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